The RTL Project

The RTL Project is the coming together of music and musical ideas through collaboration. The art of collaboration is brilliant, the result is unique and the sum is worth more than its individual parts. The Project was created round robin style. Jay Tablet wrote the lyrics on his life at the time, moving from California to the great northwest state of Oregon. Jay reflected on the world at large and personal relationships he was struggling with on the day to day. Reed Thomas lawrence stumbled upon Jay's note book one day while the two were sharing ideas and jamming. Reed immediatly claimed the notebook, coming up with the chord progressions and the song arrangements, bringing to life Jay's words into song. Down the road, Rory ONEders brought both artists in the studio and engineered all the recording sessions at Rage Sound. Once the perfect takes and over dubs of Reed's guitar and vocals were captured, the acoustic sessions were sent to the gifted producing ear of Brian Paul Bennett. In Brian's possession the acoustic versions were transformed into a mashup of many musical styles including hip hop, rock, blues and Jazz.