Jay Tablet gives us all he has and more with the release of Pay The TAB. After numerous albums Tablet ramps up for what is said to be his best work yet and maybe his last solo album ever . From the live instrumentation to all the varieties of vibes and portraits portrayed this time around, Pay The TAB is a gem. TAB takes you on a 22 song journey through his life as a artist and individual finding the inner piece that fuels his fire to create.


West Ghostin'

"Tablet turns in his best record to date trading on the strength of slow churning beats that swell and roll like the Bering Sea. Bass breaks against sharp, punchy synth and Tablet—aided by friends like Rory Onders and Keegan Smith— drops plush, snappy raps that draw from the refined sound of Oakland-via-London rapper Charlie Tate and his hip hop collective Colossus as well guttural grinds of artists like Schoolboy Q."


TABLIFE: Jay Tablet's second solo album release. Will he top the last one? You decide.

All tracks produced and recorded by Jay Tablet excluding "Do My Thang", Future is Free", and "One Two Many" those were produced by TAB n KEEZ. All tracks where then brought to Oxiliary Studios in Bend Oregon to get remixed, polished, then mastered by Rory ONEders.


Free EP

Disclaimer: Not for the weak. Parental Advisory.

Jay Tablet- FREE EP 

Featured Artist: MEZ, Rory ONEders and Amsterdam 

Produced by ZEPS with exception of "Grey" produced by Jay Tablet 


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